Prepare yourself for a series of captivating and in-depth conversations that revolve around the fascinating topic of innovation in learning pathways. Additionally, be prepared for other intriguing discussions, including the experiences of college presidents and much more!

As professionals in the field of higher education, we deeply comprehend the significance of sharing our experiences and lessons learned throughout our careers. By actively collaborating with our peers, we harness the power to expand access to postsecondary education and effect meaningful change. It is through this shared knowledge and collective effort that we can advance and shape the future of education.

With that, we invite you to tune in to all the episodes of season two right away. Each episode guarantees exclusive insights and revelations, covering a wide range of subjects that include learning pathways, workforce training, and the inspiring journey to the presidency. These invaluable insights are bound to broaden your perspective, stimulate fresh ideas, and empower you to drive positive transformation within your own educational institution.

innovation in learning pathways

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