As a special offer, a select sampling of Season 2 episodes is available for the 2021 HERDI Advisory Council members. 


In the Season 2 premiere, Trimeka is joined by President Madeline Pumariega, the president of Miami Dade College. President Pumariega will share her journey – all of the challenges and lessons learned along the way – that prepared her for this presidency. She will share the decisions that fueled her heart and drove her passion for helping students attain an education, and how she is using that passion at MDC. 

A first-generation college student herself, Dr. Linda García is now the executive director for the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE). In this episode, Dr. Garcia shares how CCCSE is providing institutions with research, best practices and tools to build strategies for “worker learners.”

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart returns to “Deep Dives with Trimeka Benjamin” to lead the conversation by interviewing Trimeka about her college experience and how that shaped her passion for helping higher education institutions make improvements that better guide students through their journey. 


Innovation in Building Pathways for Working Learners

As a follow-up to the conversation with Dr. García, Dr. Neal will share the work done with program efficiency, flexible schedules and career assessments to improve success rates of working learners.

Breaking the Mold: Innovation in Workforce Training Opportunities

Broward College President, Greg Haile, shares how the Broward UP program was created to better the community through an educated workforce.

Confessions of an Internal Candidate

Dr. Tonjua Williams, President of St. Petersburg College, explores her three lessons in courage and the tough decisions that she learned during the process of being an internal presidential candidate