As a special offer, a select sampling of the new Workforce Mini-Series episodes are available for the 2023 Achieving the Dream DREAM Conference attendees.


Dr. Kimberly Moore is a trailblazer for workforce development, and in this episode, she’ll share lessons learned in her decade of experience. Dr. Moore discusses the importance of building an integrated workforce system in order to keep up with the constantly changing labor market, and shares examples of how Tallahassee Community College is doing just that by working with formerly incarcerated students and forming new partnerships with Amazon.


Innovation in Business Partnerships to Elevate Workforce Programs

Dr. Michael McDonough, President of Raritan Valley Community College, joins this episode to talk about the importance of understanding your local labor market. Dr. McDonough stresses how these relationships give colleges the opportunity to make quick changes to support their community and bring students in.



The Future of the Workforce Student

“If we don’t do something and do it now, we are going to have some problems down the road” says Dr. Daria Willis, President of Howard Community College. Dr. WIllis discusses the importance of community colleges that are able to be agile and flexible in order to respond to the needs of the community that the college is located, and the critical need to focus on student success rather than transfer rates to four-year institutions, as well as the integration of all students into the larger college community.